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Journals for Jennie

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When I first saw this amazing paper several months ago when I was just starting Suburban Bird Studios, I fell in love with it. It’s just so bright and cheery, and it makes me think of retro 50s kitchens. (Maybe that last one’s just me…) When I picked it up off the rack, I had images of recipe books and foodie journals dancing in my head. You know the kind of ideas, the ones that seem amazing, but just out of reach. I didn’t feel like I had the skill to make a recipe book because I was making it more complicated in my head than it had to be.

So I bought a couple of sheets and for these last few months, they languished in my paper pile between some bright green florals and some drab brown mess that I’ll probably never use.

I came across it the other day when I was making journals like mad to replenish my Etsy shop, and again I dreamt of the recipe book. And again, I thought, “Oh, maybe someday.”

Then I started seeing some of my tweeps posting with the #afundforjennie hashtag. I didn’t think much of it. I had other things on my mind. Then I saw more and more posts with #afundforjennie, and eventually I came across a retweet of something by @bloggerswob. The name intrigued me, and so I looked into it.

When I read the story behind the hashtag, my heart just broke for Jennie. I won’t rehash the story again because I’m sure most of you are here from the Bloggers Without Borders site, and the story can be found here. But when I saw the food blogging community rallying around Jennie, I felt moved to do something.

I’m not a food blogger; I’m not even a consistent blogger. I don’t know Jennie, and I don’t have sweet treats or catered meals to offer, (but check those out!) but for once, I feel like I have something to offer up that might draw some interest.

So, in the spirit of the food blogging community, here is what I’m offering up for auction:

  • One ring-bound recipe book filled with 30 3×5 lined notecards, perfect for recording your most loved recipes. The rings can be opened, so cards can be added or removed. The recipe book comes with 20 extra, pre-punched cards.
  • One matching large (6×9) lined journal with 100 sheets, (200 pages) perfect for jotting notes or recipes to create or try.
  • One matching micro-mini (3×4) unlined journal with 100 sheets, (200 pages) which is perfectly pocket and purse-sized. (Picture to come.)

Bidding starts at $50. Leave bids here in the comments. I will pay shipping, and all proceeds of this auction will go directly to BWOB for the Fund for Jennie. This auction will end on September 5th at noon CST.

In addition, for those of you who may not have enough money to participate in the auction, 50% of the proceeds from all items purchased from my shop between now and September 5th will go to the Fund for Jennie.

Happy bidding, and God bless!


I’m Still Here!

by Birdie in Journals, Life

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts lately! I was sick, and then work kind of took over my brain.

I’ve made a couple more journals that are currently up for sale in my shop. I’ve had so much fun making them, and it’s nice to have something tangible that I can be proud of. And the knowledge that something I’ve made is in someone else’s hands, sitting on their desk, or in their purse, and it’s bringing them joy every time they use it. :) (The 10% off coupon is still available for my blog readers! Just enter the coupon code SBREADER10 at checkout.)

Now that I’m finally getting into the swing of (mostly) budgeting my time between work and making journals, I’ll hopefully be back to posting a couple of times a week. I really do miss the structure of doing 2-3 creative things a week for posts, and sharing bits of my writing.

Check back on Wednesday, and I’ll hopefully have something new for you! For now, I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of my most recent journals.


Flowers and Polka Dots - http://www.etsy.com/listing/74020601/handmade-journal-flowers-and-polka-dots


Flowers and Polka Dots - http://www.etsy.com/listing/74020601/handmade-journal-flowers-and-polka-dots


Water Color Splash - http://www.etsy.com/listing/74020972/handmade-journal-watercolor-splash


Water Color Splash - http://www.etsy.com/listing/74020972/handmade-journal-watercolor-splash







by Birdie in Custom Orders, Etsy, For Sale, Handmade, Journals

Well, I sold both of my little springtime jotters! I guess that’s my kick in the butt to get some more made and up in my shop. I finished two on Wednesday and Thursday, but only one of them was ever destined to make it into my shop, and that’s this one, Little Bird in Brown.

Go check it out. :)

The one that didn’t make it into my shop was tailor-made for my baby “sister,” who is as avid a writer as I am and who was in need of a new journal. She loves zebra print, and her favorite color is red, so it was only fitting to make her a zebra print journal with a red spine. This was my first real attempt at coptic binding, and it turned out surprisingly well.

It wasn’t perfect, of course. I underestimated how much thread I was going to need—twice. And I missed one knot on the spine.

The signatures don’t line up 100%, but someday, I’m determined to get my own paper guillotine so that I can trim the pages nice and neat like professional bookbinders do.

But until then, I’m content to have these little imperfections. That’s part of the charm of handmade items: there will never be another exactly like it, because each one will have it’s subtle differences.