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Birdie’s Etsy Wish List

by Birdie in Etsy, Loves, Random

I am a firm believer that Etsy should invest in adding an “add to wish list” option below their little “favorite” heart. I add a lot of things to my favorites: things I want to find again; things I would, if I had the money, love to purchase; things that inspire me; things that make me laugh; and things that are just so beautiful that I want to be able to find them to look at them over and over.

But, things get lost in those myriad favorite listings, and there’s no easy way to show people things that I want for birthdays or Christmas or other gift-giving occasions. At the very least, I think that Etsy’s favorite listings should be able to be categorized.

Maybe I’m the only one, or maybe it’s something that Etsy just doesn’t see the value in investing in. Either way, I’m determined to make my own Etsy wish list, as much for my reference as for my friends and family. So, without further ado, check it out. There isn’t a whole lot on it at the moment, but there it is. :)


Name That Fish!

by Birdie in Life, Loves, Off Topic, Random

So, here’s something that you may or may not already know: I love fish. And frogs. And reptiles. Sadly, I’ve only ever been able to own the first two. (Someday, somehow, I will have a bearded dragon and a ball python!) Recently, most of my previous fish have died off after several long years of life, (Khulio, the lone black khuli loach is all that’s left in my six gallon) and I’m in the process of slowly restocking my tanks. I’m not sure yet what I want in my bigger tank, but my three gallon has always been home to a male betta, and I couldn’t resist looking at the selection of bettas at Petsmart when I went earlier to pick up a couple of things for my frog. (He’s so awesome, someday he’ll get a post of his own.) And there, I found this guy.

He’s absolutely gorgeous, and even after I compared him to every single other betta in the store, I knew I had to have him. (Too bad he’s not better at posing for photos, though.)

And here, I find myself in a bit of a dilemma: I can’t possibly think of a fitting name for this guy. He’s black and blue with a splash of red on his ventral fins, and he’s got a lot of spunk. While I was trying to get pictures of him, he kept flitting around trying to keep his eye on the camera. It make it very hard to get any decent shots of what he actually looks like from the side.

And so, dear friends, I turn to you. What should I name this gorgeous guy? He needs a name soon. I can’t just keep calling him The Nameless. So, what are your suggestions? (Bethie, I’m looking forward to your suggestions. XD) Leave them in the comments!